THE CATHRINE ANN PROJECT - Supporting Wonderful Rescue Groups and Fosters, Globally

'The Cathrine Ann Project' is my humane animal project, that not only helps various animal rescues and fosters globally, but also involves saving dogs from high kill shelters across North America. Each month, I personally fund as many of these groups as I can, in additional to supporting other animal groups to raise money for animals in need of veterinary services or the basic necessities such as food, bedding and toys. My commitment to helping animals is expensive, time consuming, and above all, immensely rewarding. I have been asked by many people if there was a way that they could help in my cause, and now there is. If you would like to make a donation, I will post a pic on my Cathrine Ann Project Facebook page of the animal you helped save along with your name. With your help and our combined efforts, we can save innocent four-legged babies and help to put them into their fur-ever, loving homes!

Please visit my 'Cathrine Ann Project' Facebook page to see how our combined efforts are working every day!

Thank you!

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