Meeting Planners Overview

Cathrine Ann is not an after-dinner speaker who tells jokes and humorous stories – she doesn't entertain. Well, not on purpose, that is, although she is engaging and personable.

Her story is serious and not for the faint of heart. She doesn't bring other peoples stories to her audience because she speaks from the heart and from her own personal life experiences. She doesn't motivate. She inspires. She believes that everyone looks for inspiration from others, but that motivation comes from within.

Let's be frank. Cathrine was born to be a nobody. She endured a life of circumstances that might have been debilitating for most people. But instead of perishing, she prospered. That sends a powerful message to others; a message that is often enough to inspire others to help them keep on keeping on.

Cathrine's mantra is: 'Dream it. Believe it. Be it.' She is living proof that almost anyone can achieve their dreams and goals in life if only they want it badly enough and they are willing to work hard.

Cathrine takes her audiences through a whirlwind of life experiences from being a scared little girl to becoming a prosperous, strong and vibrant woman and business leader. She delivers real life, inspirational messages with ease.