About Cathrine Ann As a Speaker

She has given presentations to entrepreneurial groups, all levels of corporations and various non-profits, colleges and universities all across North America in only the last few years.

Cathrine understands that at sometime in everyone's life, their inner fire goes out. And it sometimes takes an encounter with another human being to rekindle that fire. Not by someone that brings other people's stories of success, but by someone who is living proof that dreams really can become a reality. By someone that experienced so much negative and turned it all around that it screams 'yes, if I can do all this, you can do something, anything to do better yourself!'

Cathrine's story has the ability to rekindle that fire in others so that it bursts into flames and results in willing action; action to self-reflections or action to heal -- action to change.

Her teediesu message is one that resonates with audiences from all walks of life. It is also one that people today need to hear. It will not be easily forgotten.